The Electric Future of Nautical

The concept

An ode to nature’s perfection, this revolutionary catamaran seamlessly transfers the philosophy of ICONA Design to aquatic mobility. Named after the famous Italian mathematician, the Fibonacci was created following a futuristic concept: the catamaran is based on a fully electric platform – an ambitious choice for a 55-foot long boat, the first of its size entirely powered by electric motor.


With Fibonacci the experience on water evolves, and the comfort of a boat as a place to live prevails over the concept of a boat as a means of transport.

The elegant design recalls the sinuous and disruptive shapes of a grand piano – a metaphor for a symphony to be experienced at sea – promising a completely new way of living travel on water. Quiet, delicate, sustainable: Fibonacci is a boat conceived to experience the surrounding environment, be it lake or sea, listening to the sound of nature.


The Fibonacci catamaran marks Icona’s official debut in the nautical design sector.

Style on water

Thanks to a clever division of space between the main deck and the hulls, the large wooden parabolic bridge creates a passage that offers a view of the water from bow to stern. The Fibonacci offers a luxurious cocktail lounge perfect for welcoming guests and organizing pleasant moments of conviviality. The comfortable flying bridge appears and disappears by opening and closing the elegant cover that resembles the lid of a grand piano. The result is an essential and refined architecture, characterized by asymmetries that give the yacht a sense of movement even when it is stationary.