The portable sanitizing system

The concept

Airia is a wearable sanitizing device. The sanitization technology, developed by Sanixair, is achieved by ionisation: the system produces millions of negative ions that create an ionic wind, which purifies the air around the person wearing the device. This provides various beneficial effects, such as the removal of pollen, allergens and fine dust particles. The negative ions also have a number of other positive effects on the body, such as the increase in blood oxygenation, the promotion of cognitive abilities and muscle tone. Made of technical polymers and treated with special paints, the product works with lithium polymer batteries and is rechargeable with a USB-C socket.


Airia has been designed to interact intuitively with the user; its functions are integrated to be easily accessible, and the contemporary design, characterised by a general visual linearity, gives the product a sense of lightness and innovation. The material subdivision of the device with technical cuts accentuates its visual cleanliness and accurately indicates any openings or areas of intervention for maintenance.