Based on a full understanding of the client’s needs and targets, our styling process aims to meet demands while proposing alternative ways to reach objectives. Our complete styling team is involved in the creative process: while young designers bring fresh new ideas, our most experienced chief designers select the best ones, transforming them into feasible industrial products.

In Icona, vision and handcraft join with state-of-the-art technology


A beautiful shape is effective only if it is the base for the development of a feasible and performing product. With our engineering process we transform our styling proposals into reliable and easy-to-produce industrial products, meeting the highest international standards. Our styling and engineering teams work in a fully integrated manner, researching for the best solutions together and consistently meeting our clients’ highest expectations.

We believe
art and technology
must work hand in hand


Nothing can replace reality when you have to evaluate the final aesthetic result or test a product. Analysis software, virtual reality and simulation processes are very powerful tools that improve the development process, but still they cannot let you touch it. This is why our development proposals include the manufacturing of physical models and prototypes that allow our clients to have a more realistic view of their future products. During the styling phase we can deliver painted clay models, full hard models, see through models, complete exterior and interior go through models and show cars. To test the engineering results we can deliver partial or full vehicle prototypes for laboratory and road tests.

We let you touch
our design

Show Cars

Icona can develop static or running show cars: we cover the full process, from the concept phase to the design and manufacturing. For over a decade, we have been working with the most demanding car manufacturers worldwide, ensuring them top quality and state-of-the-art products. We can manufacture show cars in a wide range of materials and solutions, in order to meet our clients’ requests and specifications. Used for auto shows, clinic tests and running tests, our show cars allow our clients to carefully evaluate how the market will receive each new product.


We design and engineer vehicles that our clients can efficiently produce: all along the development process we carefully consider the constraints and the requirements of production. Thanks to our consolidated experience, we are deeply involved in the production of vehicles: from body part stamping to high-range solutions for luxury interiors, from assembly lines to tools for quality check. This know-how is transferred into each of our projects for the benefit of our clients.

Master Cubing

To help our clients reach the highest international standards, we provide a wide range of tools, together with our experience and know-how, to achieve an outstanding final-product quality. Master cubing is the most significant tool, manufactured according to the final CAD data and perfectly simulating the body of the vehicle. During the set up of the production process, master cubing is used to check size, gap and flush of trims to be assembled on the body. Using these tools, the assembly process can be simulated in order to detect any defect in the parts and the process and to find the best solution before starting the real production process.