Wearable sanitization device

The concept

Airia is an innovative wearable sanitization device.
The sanitization technology, developed by Sanixair, utilizes the principle of ionization: the system generates millions of negative ions that create an ion wind, purifying the air around the person wearing the device.
Airia is capable of simultaneously performing various functions, such as removing pollen, allergens, and fine dust particles. Negative ions also have many positive effects on the body, such as increasing blood oxygenation, improving cognitive abilities, and enhancing muscle tone. Made of technical polymers and treated with special coatings, the product operates on lithium polymer batteries and can be recharged using a standard USB-C port.

Airia has a dedicated app (iOS and Android) which provides a series of useful information for your sanitizing device. You’ll be able to check the quality of the surrounding air, monitor the charge level of the device and know the name and type of the connected device.
Furthermore, through the app, you can easily turn the device on or off, ensuring complete control over its operation.

Experience every opportunity, worldwide, alongside others. Go out, explore, connect, while breathing clean air.

Wearable wellness

Airia is perfect to wear in crowded environments such as subways, taxis, or public places, where the air may be less clean. Additionally, Airia is particularly dedicated to people suffering from allergies.
With consistent use, respiratory issues are significantly reduced over time, allowing for a freer and more comfortable breath.
Choosing Airia means opting for an innovative personal sanitization solution, providing a clean and healthy environment wherever you go.

Lightweight design

Airia has been designed to intuitively interact with the user; its functions are integrated to be easily accessible. Its contemporary design, characterized by overall visual linearity, gives the product a sense of lightness and innovation. The material division of the device, with technical cuts, enhances its visual cleanliness and accurately indicates any openings or areas for maintenance. Airia’s design is meant to be worn in the most comfortable and lightweight way, in both indoor and outdoor settings. The colors have been chosen based on possible style choices, integrating with the person wearing Airia and serving as an accessory that complements their outfit.

Innovative technology

The sanitization used in Airia is based on negative ion ionization, known as “ionic breeze.” This innovative technology fights allergies, helps the metabolism, promotes concentration, improves the sleep/wake cycle and blood oxygenation, resulting in positive effects on mood and physical performance of the user.

Like all Icoxair devices, Nova does not contain internal filters because the sanitization process is natural and does not produce waste or disposable materials: the ionization process is a physical phenomenon in which the device actively produces negative ions.
Once emitted, these negative ions attach to the positive ions carrying pollutants and toxins, effectively eliminating them through the power of the ionic breeze.

This natural process envelops the wearer of Airia, creating a one-meter diameter of purified and uncontaminated air wherever they go.

Technical Information
Dimensions: 21 cm x 21 cm
Weight: 0.32 kg
Body: Technical polymers
Battery Life: Over 12 hours
Negative ions at the emission source: Over 70 Million/cm³
Charging: USB-C cable and 5V power adapter