Barrier Flex® Nine

Barrier Flex® Nine


The concept

The purpose was to improve ergonomics, functionality, and at the same time, create a new iconic identity for the next generation of products in the Bandera portfolio. The designers worked to create a consistent family feeling among the different elements of the system.

The goal was to bring a sense of high technology and performance. Inspiration came from aerospace design, the epitome of advanced technology and reliability.

“From the beginning, restyling the top-of-the-line Bandera product-lines has proven to be a valuable opportunity to strengthen the company’s overall brand identity.”

Davide Cannata, Design Manager at Icona


Bandera and Icona Design Group collaborated to create an eye-catching design that enhances functionality, ergonomics, safety, and automation.
Barrier Flex® Nine is a highly flexible and advanced plant, optimized for energy savings and capable of recovering up to 100% of waste.