Fuselage Luggage

Fuselage Luggage

“A piece of our car that travels with you”

The concept

To give life to a premium Fuselage experience, with a hand luggage project that complements the automotive experience.

This premium experience revolves around the tactile sensation and harmony of a unified design.
Our design team initiated the process with the handles, vital touchpoints that convey both the product’s experience and its caliber. These elements are frequently designed without consideration to aesthetics, however, in this instance, the handle becomes an integral and perceptual part of the design theme.
Our aim encompassed crafting a seamless silhouette, drawing inspiration from techniques seen in automotive design.

Luggage made to go hand-in-hand with the most sought-after interior design trends.

The defining aspect of the project is the aluminum core, which, despite its lightweight nature, gracefully envelops the luggage’s body, providing a rigid structure. This seamlessly interplays with the opaque fabric layer which wraps elegantly over each side.

The primary wheels have a 140mm diameter, ensuring ease during transportation.
At the wheel’s core, you’ll discover the Icona emblem used in the hub of the Icona Fuselage concept car’s wheels.

The client now has a precious “souvenir” of the Fuselage concept car to take with them even when they aren’t at the wheel.