The unexpected Sedan

The concept

Passion and aerodynamics mix in this unexpected 4-seater: Fuselage is a sensuous and exciting design that proves how a sedan can evolve into an elegant and sporty profile. The attention to aerodynamics is immediately eye-catching: the low profile, the reduced front section, and several specific devices are all optimized for efficiency. Thanks to this, drag coefficient in the wind tunnel was measured at a mere 0.26. As to ergonomics, the single, large gull-wing door and the absence of a B-pillar ensure convenient ingress and egress, as well as a partial clearance of the roof – all elements that greatly enhance passenger experience.

With Fuselage, passion and aerodynamics are brought to a one-of-a-kind, disruptive 4-seater sedan.

Fighter-jet meets elegance

The floating dashboard and center console are inspired by the slick and sophisticated design of airplanes and fighter jets. Hence the name “Fuselage”, given by the car’s stretched profile which recalls the fuselage of an airplane. The design of the seats and door panels express the same balance as the exterior, mixing stretched flowing shapes with dramatic graphics.
With a wheelbase of 2870 mm and only four passengers, the Fuselage’s occupants enjoy a generous amount of legroom. Horizontal space gain of the spacious cabin, however, does not affect the vehicle’s drag efficiency.