Hyper-gaming PC

Hyper-gaming PC


Our design team was challenged to explore how ICONA’s design process can influence and disrupt the next generation of gaming PCs. Creating a new machine for the gaming world means diving into this world, while exploring trends from other industries and this aspect perfectly embodies the spirit that drives our work.

We’re talking about the project of a high-end PC, powerful, compact and complete, in line with the very high standards of eSports. Here we endeavored to create a sophisticated product with all the capabilities and qualities that a gamer needs, yet capable of attracting non-gamers as well.

Concept 1

Our first concept explores the aesthetic and functional possibilities generated by the contrast between an elegant and minimal external structure and a fully customizable internal chassis.
The internal chassis is removable, allowing DIY enthusiasts the freedom they need to modify the PC core independently.
Once they have completed the installation of additional components, the chassis can be easily repositioned within its sleek containment structure.

The idea was to capture the spirit of gaming culture through highly impactful and iconic theme that is simultaneously impactful and simple.

Concept 2

Our second concept begins with the premise that a gaming PC has the potential to transform into a wall-mounted masterpiece.

This notion originated from a challenge question “What would it take for a user mount their computer on a wall, taking pride of place as an art piece and product combined?“ Someone who is proud not only of the performance but also the aesthetic of their investment.

A skillful and visionary use of design brings to life a Gaming PC that is a work of art in every sense, completely changing the form and perception of your computer.

In this concept of a gaming PC, we remove the external panels of the machine to highlight all the internal components that – forming abstract configurations – offer a visually superior experience.

While retaining all the structural and cooling properties of a standard tower, this gaming PC concept makes significant use of transparent acrylic, with backlit textured reliefs, to explore new and increasingly ambitious aesthetic possibilities.