The concept

Hyperloop, conceptualized by a Californian group, blends cutting-edge tech to revolutionize long-distance travel, offering passengers an entirely fresh journey. Icona Design Group’s solution seamlessly integrates into global Hyperloop TT systems. Leveraging Icona’s worldwide presence and aided by studios across three continents, diverse concepts for region-specific Hyperloop capsules emerged, shaping the final design.

These capsules redefine travel, swiftly shuttling people and cargo in low-pressure chambers at speeds of 1200 km/h using linear induction motors and air compressors. With a 30-passenger capacity, inclusive amenities, unique layouts, personalized lighting, and dedicated infotainment cater to varied needs. A central lounge encourages passenger interaction, elevating the travel experience.

“To collaborate with a visionary company like HyperloopTT has been an opportunity to leverage all the technological and innovative skills that Icona possesses, in service of such an ambitious and technologically advanced project”.

Teresio Gigi Gaudio, Chairman & CEO at ICONA DESIGN GROUP

Total comfort and maximum safety

The passenger experience is elevated with avant-garde materials and technologies with particular attention paid to safety, comfort, entertainment, and productivity.
Other characteristics of the cabin include: digital wayfinding signage, ambient lighting, interactive displays, personal tablets and biometric sensors to check
credentials and payments.
Once seated, passengers will have access to an immersive, personalized sound environment through the embedded headrest speakers with noise-cancelling technology.
Seats also include adjustable micro-climate controls, a camera for facial recognition, an individual touchscreen tablet and wireless charging area.
In addition, passengers have the ability to mirror personal data by pairing their device with integrated displays through biometric identification.
A pioneering air purifier ensures a microbe, virus, and bacteria-free environment.

Hyper lounge

Besides access to their personalized space, each passenger can take advantage of a lounge area in the center of the cabin that acts as a socializing zone.
The complete cabin amenities are completed with a luggage compartment, a restroom, and a snack bar.

Night and day

The upper skylight is the result of a sophisticated artificial lighting system that features both daytime and nighttime modes, capable of creating a very welcoming “open space” effect and perfectly replicating natural lighting.