Iconic. Radiant. Surprising.

The concept

Nova illuminates your environment while simultaneously purifying your space.
Using photocatalysis, Nova purifies and significantly reducing the presence of viruses, bacteria, fine particles, pollutants, allergens, and unpleasant odors in the surrounding air. It offers users a cleaner, fresher, and safer environment.

We equipped Nova with a dedicated app (iOS and Android) that provides real-time information allowing users to check the air quality, monitor the device’s battery level, and identify the connected device’s name and type. Additionally, through the app, users can easily turn the device on or off, ensuring complete control over its operation.

Nova illuminates your moments and purifies your air, creating a special atmosphere where you can breathe tranquility.

Classic design

Our design team drew inspiration from classic table lighting, ranging from retro to industrial styles, from clubs and venues to modern homes. In addition to its sanitizing function, Nova features a LED light capable of illuminating small spaces and private moments. The integration of light makes Nova a multifunctional design object, capable of illuminating moments destined to be remembered.

Innovative technology

Users simply recharge Nova to keep it functioning.
Nova utilizes photocatalysis to reduce the presence of viruses, bacteria, PM 2.5-10, VOCs, NOx, pollen, fungi, yeast, and odors by up to 99.9%. Through the combination of UV rays, noble metals (such as Titanium Dioxide, TiO2), and relative humidity in the air, Nova creates hydrogen peroxide that effectively reduces pollutants and toxins through the process of photocatalysis

Technical Information
Dimensions: Ø 14 cm x h 24 cm
Weight: 0.8 kg
Body: Aluminum alloy
Power supply: 5 Vdc
Ventilation: Adjustable
Charger: 110/230 Vac | 50/60 Hz