A revolutionary industrial design vision

The concept

Designed by Icona for LAEM IMS, a brand of IMS Technologies, Riboslit is a compact, high-tech slitter rewinder for the flexible packaging industry. It is available in two versions, dual shaft or turret. With a unique design, synthesis of quality, performance and safety, Riboslit features an innovative software, which has been redesigned with an operator-friendly interface. Riboslit can process most films and laminates at high speed, ensuring optimal management of the entire process. The machine integrates prime components and technologies, contributing to an outstanding general handling. The Riboslit Series is available in 3 configurations: Standard (compact with an inset main touch panel, featuring a shaftless unwinder connected to the machine body), Plus (highly ergonomic with the main touch panel on the pivoting arm) and, finally, Design (stylish and smart to use, it features a more advanced touch panel on the pivoting arm, as well as redesigned safety protections).

The Riboslit Series has a unique and innovative design, synthesis of quality, performance and safety.

Industrial design meets family-feeling

This project had a clear objective: creating a family feeling. IMS Technologies group wanted to build a strong brand identity, allowing their industrial machinery to be recognised through style. In essence, it was a question of extending the element that has made the fortune of major global automotive brands to the industrial machinery industry.