The concept

Ring is a revolutionary sanitizing device for small everyday objects such as smartphones and keys. Sanixair provided the sanitizing technology: Ring produces and releases hydrogen peroxide locally, which deposits onto the treated objects. The outer body of Ring, characterized by a smooth and pleasant surface, facilitates access to controls and areas where operational information is displayed. A series of LED lights surrounding the inner tray indicate the process status, during which the smartphone is not only sanitized but also charged thanks to the integrated induction charging technology.

Ring is equipped with a dedicated app that provides a range of useful information for each device in the IcoXair ecosystem. Users can check the air quality in your surroundings, monitor the device’s battery level, and identify the connected device’s name and type. Additionally, through the app, users can easily turn the device on or off, ensuring complete control over its operation.


The new frontier of home sanitization for small everyday objects

If your smartphone* is low on battery, Ring takes care of it with induction charging

*Only for smartphones enabled for induction and compatible devices

A considered design

An elegantly designed object equipped with powerful technology that protects everyday items. Ring seamlessly integrates with the style of the home, thanks to its discreet elegance and its usefulness as a pocket emptier.
Every day, millions of contaminants attach to watches, wallets, cell phones, or keys that are always carried in pockets.
Ring provides a space to store these items, ensuring their sanitization and preserving cleanliness and safety.

Innovation inspired by nature

Ring sanitizes objects through photocatalysis, a process that combines UV rays and noble metals. Through this combined action, hydrogen peroxide (oxygenated water) is created, which reduces pollutants.
UV LEDs irradiate the metal membranes, creating hydroxyl groups (OH).
When combined with the relative humidity in the air (H2O), these hydroxyl groups form hydrogen peroxide molecules (H2O2).
The hydrogen peroxide (oxygenated water) is distributed within the internal compartment and deposited onto the objects contained in Ring.
The LED indicates the sanitization status of the objects.

Technical Information
Diameter: 32 cm
Weight: 0.43 kg
Body: Technical polymers
Power supply: 110/230 Vac 50/60 Hz
Noise level: 30 dB
Charger: 110/230 Vac | 50/60 Hz