The first robot designed for take-out delivery

The concept

Designed and built for Meituan, the Space-Pod is the world’s first AI delivery robot displayed for the first time in Las Vegas SEMA show in 2019. Developed to carry out autonomous delivery services inside buildings, Space-Pod was put into service in Meituan’s own buildings in Beijing, right after its unveiling. With Space-Pod, Icona strengthens its links with the mobility of the future, looking beyond the traditional transport of people and opening its design scope to new dimensions.

Space-Pod brings
high-quality life


Space-Pod is equipped with 3 separate drawer containers to help up to three receivers on each journey, and it communicates with sound and screen while using face recognition. It aspires for a simple modern sculpture rather than a robot which is too personified. In the same way as modern art is making its presence felt in today’s architecture, Icona wants AI to be an aesthetic yet non-obtrusive helper with a welcome presence.