A hydrogen-powered electric ecosystem

The challenge

STOR-H approached us to lead the development of a groundbreaking vehicle for sustainable mobility, built around their innovative hydrogen cartridge.
Our challenge was to comprehend and address the general public’s concerns about utilizing hydrogen products, while designing a solution that would not only make the experience enjoyable but also easy to understand.
We wanted to eliminate the detachment and fear so often felt towards technology by people that aren’t familiar with it, encouraging users to explore and utilize this new clean energy that offers a new experience of pleasure and relaxation.

Central to our challenge was the creation of a varied product line finely tuned for the scooter including this modular hydrogen cartridge.

A pragmatic approach

Our initial step involved establishing an architecture that prioritized improved ergonomics, clarity in comprehension, and intuitive operation. In parallel, we launched an educational campaign to demystify hydrogen technology.

A complete ecosystem

Our product ecosystem encompassed a hydrogen cartridge, a personal home charger, and a public vending machine, catering to a wide spectrum of users.