Volcano Air

Volcano Air


The concept

Developed in collaboration with Sanixair, Volcano Air is a sanitizing device for environments up to 60 m³ in size. Sanitization is carried out through photocatalysis: the device sanitizes the air and all surfaces in the environment, removing bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, and reducing the presence of fine dust particles.

Volcano Air has a dedicated app (iOS and Android) that makes the sanitization process easy to schedule, no matter where you are, and allows for remote control with features such as adjusting the airflow and setting a silent mode for noise reduction.

The power of a constantly active filtration. Furniture to sanitize the environment you breathe in.

Elegant design

The design of Volcano Air is an elegant monolith that conveys a sleek and pleasant visual sensation, with satin surfaces, refined finishes, and meticulous details. The wide base protects the technical components and gives the object a sense of stability, while the visual treatment on the top imparts a feeling of quality and precision. The overall balance of the design suggests an inherent sense of reliability and attention to detail. Volcano Air has a design inspired by its name because inside it holds the force of nature. It is not just a sanitization device; it is a sculpture that seamlessly integrates into the decor you have chosen for your home.
The sinuous and circular shape is inspired by the movement of air, from bottom to top, in a continuous exchange.

Filterless technology

The sanitization of Volcano Air is carried out through photocatalysis. Noble metals placed in the device combine with UV rays and the relative humidity of the environment to transform into hydrogen peroxide (oxygenated water). This, in the right concentration, reduces toxic agents and pollutants, safely sanitizing the air and surfaces.
Volcano Air is designed for environments that accommodate multiple people and is based on their desire to be together in total safety. While its sanitization process proceeds silently, looking at it is a pleasure because it resembles a perfect sculpture to embellish the environment.

Technical Information
Dimensions: Ø 16 cm x h 24 cm
Weight: 0.7 kg
Body: Anodized aluminum alloy
Power supply: 230 Vac 50/60 Hz
Ventilation: Adjustable
Charger: 110/230 Vac | 50/60 Hz