The right balance between aggressive power and harmonious beauty

The concept

Extreme performances can be wrapped by a beautiful and sensual dress. Vulcano is a boiling mix of flamboyant muscles mastered by sharp lines inspired by the fastest airplane to this day: the SR71 Blackbird.

“The Icona Vulcano brings together different skills and expertise of a very Italian tradition.”

Auto Spies Magazine

Essential exterior design

The Vulcano uses a consistent theme of dynamic triangles set in horizontal symmetry, reminiscent of the Icona logo, which balance the dynamism of the vehicle’s volumes. To connect the features and divide each part, tight lines complement the voluptuous shapes, enhancing the car’s sensual power.
The right balance between aggressive power and harmonious beauty was truly resolved in the clay model process: after many weeks of 1/4 scale clay model development, the model was further refined in 3D with the inclusion of prefeasibility checks, including ergonomics, crash tests and aerodynamics.

Race-inspired interiors

Made principally from carbon fibre and black alcantara, and with fully adjustable leather bucket seats, the high-tech interior has a distinct race-inspired feel. The interior design is driver-oriented, with functions such as GPS, radio and car diagnostics combined in a single large touchscreen, while all elements in the overall design have been integrated in a sophisticated and refined way.


As Samuel Chuffart, Icona Design Director, stated: “the most challenging design issue was how to balance power and beauty.” Power is, by all means, a crucial part of the Vulcano, and its optimisation has been a work of joint forces with world-renowned engineer Claudio Lombardi, former power train technical director of Ferrari. In collaboration with Mr. Lombardi, Icona optimized the design solutions, like the flow of hot air, cold air and down force, to maximize the Vulcano’s extreme performance.