the Shanghai inspired 4-seat electric vehicle

The concept

The innovative NEO is an answer to the younger generation of buyers who aspire to own a responsible car that represents their values. Following Icona’s lineage, the new NEO concept sets out to explore the inspirations and daily challenges of life in a busy metropolis like Shanghai. Like its sister, Fuselage, NEO is a 4-seater vehicle whose design is adapted to the reality of an electrically powered package.

The aim of NEO is not just to provide the balance of style and maximized practicality expected from a modern city car: NEO’s bold styling and asymmetric design combine clear lines inspired by the latest architectural trends with sensual and dynamic automotive sculpting. The inspiration for NEO is, in fact, derived from Shanghai, where the most recent architecture has boldly reshaped the landscape of the city. NEO was conceived and designed in the Chinese city; its sharp and contrasted lines combining simple geometry and sensual surface transitions, embodying both change and future.

NEO’s bold style and asymmetrical design combine clear lines with a sensual and dynamic car sculpture.


The car interior and the architecture of the passenger layout is also innovative, and has evolved with a more passenger-orientated structure: instead of solely focusing on the road straight ahead, rear passengers can enjoy a wrap-around ottoman-style rear bench which takes advantage of the absence of a rear left door.

Interior concept

The interior style was inspired by the creases and sharp lines of folded paper. The wraparound pods that form the dash were conceived to give the feeling of openness, a luxury allowed by the electric powertrain and subsequent lack of a tunnel. The interior grows out of the two pods which form the dashboard and information clusters. Each pod extends into the door and back to the rear bench, which is arched. The rounded bench shape encourages interaction between the passengers, who would slightly face each other. Completely digital and gesture controlled, the pods display any and all information needed by passenger or driver. The driver gets a holographic gauge cluster while the passenger can be entertained and informed by a much larger and impressive display running more than half the width of the vehicle.

Efficient Electric Powertrain

The technology of this electric concept is a motor in wheel application with a total of 21 kw, giving a top speed of 120 km/hour and a city driving range of 150 km, thanks to the optimized lightweight body.