When innovation travels on water

The concept

Inspired by traditional and picturesque bamboo rafts in Guilin, China, Raftinity is a transportation eco-system that is both sustainable and future-driven. The opportunity for designing a water-based transportation system presented itself when we started designing a smart city near Shanghai, China. By utilising wireless charging and data transmitting technology, our modular-design rafts allow us to implement a number of different functions on the same platform. Thanks to Raftinity, we can bring sustainable and flexible innovation to water: easily convertible, the modules can serve as a tourist lounge that connects H+ City with Xi Tang Ancient Town; they can become a trendy “Water Piazza” restaurant or even turn into a vertical-farming Chinese garden. We hope the design of Raftinity will bring a more harmonious lifestyle to modern cities, all with a future-oriented outlook: non-intrusive and close to nature.

Vertical farming on water: when vegetable shopping becomes a user-experience highlight

Imagine taking the time to wander around in a gorgeous traditional Chinese garden, knowing that you are doing so on a zero waste platform: this is what we strive to achieve when we think about the desired user experience of our products. Thanks to Raftinity, the concept of shopping from local farmers’ rafts is possible in a new, innovative and completely sustainable system: the high-efficiency vertical farming technology simplifies the growth process and increases productivity, all in a sustainable environment. “From the farmers’ raft to the dining table” becomes a seamless process of choosing, cooking and enjoying. We like to think that this is a mean to pass on the legacy of life: from the hands of the farmer, the beauty and purity of life is passed on to the younger generation, prompting children to experience the essence of life in the digital age.

A revolutionary dining concept and experience

The “Water Piazza” restaurant concept is a vibrant new way of “Jiangnan” style living and socialising; once on board, guests will have a staggering 360 degree view of the surroundings. The restaurant, which can be both stationary or mobile, takes shape from the respect we have for water combined with age-long Chinese traditions fused with Italian culture.

Modern style blends in with local culture

Raftinity is a concentrate of innovative technology and out-of-the-box thinking. Its high-efficiency solar panels fuel the built-in battery and motors, as well as the front info screen and all on-board technology. When the rafts are in their “parking formation”, induction charging allows energy collected by the solar panels to channel through each unit, even providing excess energy to the city when docked. Wireless technology enables the rafts to make infinite links and, because each raft features modular interior elements, each has an incredibly flexible formation and function. All with a sleek, modern design that compliments the surroundings.